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Casa contenedor de oficina o sala de estar plana prefabricada


One stop procurement, help you save time and cost!

Nuestra company mainly deals in folding residential container houses, packing boxes, double-wing folding houses, mobile toilets, fixed frame container houses and other products.

The main products are six series of products: mid-waist folding activity room, packing box, double-wing folding room, mobile toilet, folding bed, light steel villa. We can make you as one step


Casa modular

Folding activity room, Folding dormitory, Folding joint meeting room/office, Folding isolation shelter, Folding access control room/guard house, double-wing folding houses.

1. Flat pack container series

2. Otro producto

Coffee bar, público Toilet, residence house, dormitory


Main material: Q235, Q345, Welded H beam and hot roller section steel

Superficie: Painted or hot dip galvanized

Steel: Square tube and bending steel plate.

Tamaño: 5800 * 2438 2896 *

Wall: 50mm EPS sandwich panel/rock wool sandwich panel, Single steel sheet, PU/Rock wool/Glass wool/sandwich panel, Single corrugated steel sheet/ color steel sheet (0.326/0.376/0.426/0.476mm),

Floor: 15mm Fiber cement board, 50N.m

Roof: Color plate+glass wool/ 50mm EPS sandwich panel/rock wool sandwich panel, (0.326/0.376/0.426/0.476mm) sheet with lock

Window: PVC sliding/aluminum Window

Door: Steel Door/sandwich panel door/aluminum sliding door/PVC sliding door with security bar.

Electrical Device: Switch, Light, socket

Structure: Galvanlized steel frame




1) Buena capacidad para montar y desmontar varias veces sin daños.

2) Se puede levantar, fijar y combinar libremente.

3) Fireproof and waterproof.

4) Cost saving and convenient transportation (Each 4 container houses can loaded in one standard container)

5) La vida útil puede alcanzar los 15-20 años.

6) Podemos prestar el servicio de instalación, supervisión y formación por extra.


1) All steel fabric parts and the size of prefab house are finished at factory.

2) The prefab house is low cost, durable structure, convenient relocation , and environment-protection,

3) The material of prefab house is light and easily to installation. one 14 square meter house 2 workers 10mins finished installation, save manpower and time.

4)You can combine two or more containers together to be a bigger area.

More Interior decoration for your choose, OEM furniture you can choose together!

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Flat-Pack prefab house can be used as the office, accommodation, canteen,bathroom and other big open spaces, to meet the needs of construction site, fieldwork camp, social housing, disaster site and other commercial purposes. Flat-Pack is widely used in Europe, Japan, Middle East, Southeast Asia, Malaysia, Philippines, Africa and other areas.